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Valentine Cards for Classroom

First take the red poster board and cut it for the kids in strips that they can fold in half to cut out their Valentines. The children can cut a heart or fold the red poster board in half and on the folded edge have you teach them how to cut a heart shape.

Cut several hearts and decorate each heart with the purchased valentine stickers.  Have pen handy for the children to write a message and a "To:" and "From:" on the cards.

Valentine Envelopes Instructions

Cut strips as shown on the Instructional Photos link below using white poster board or card stock. Fold as shown and apply stickers and insert the Valentine as made above.

Click for detailed Instructional Photos.

Materials for Classroom Valentine Cards and Envelopes

  • Red Poster board or Cardstock Paper
  • White Poster board or Cardstock Paper
  • Stickers for Valentine's Day in Sheets or Books
  • Scissors
  • Pen 

Kids will love making these valentine's day cards year after year with the basic craft skills you teach them.  Be sure to check out our homemade Valentine's Day gift for mom or a special friend.

Craft Mom Feedback

This craft is so much fun to do with your child, or in a classroom. I picked out a book of stickers and there is so much to choose from for about 99 cents to $1.99. My child had so much fun picking out the stickers to make these special cards one by one. They are easy to make and you only have to buy 2 supplies. They are much nicer than the store bought one's -- an a lot more economical!