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Clean Up Time

To encourage your child's involvement in taking care of his or her bedroom and help develop respect and appreciation for personal belongings.

Activity Instructions:
Allow your child to select fun music to listen to while he cleans his room. Encourage him to dance around and sing along during the clean-up process and participate in dancing with him. Creating a fun environment makes time go by faster and helps take the focus off the "dreaded" task of cleaning.

Another way to motivate kids to clean up is with a behavior chart. Don't just pick something boring and childish, select a chart with his or her favorite theme and assign points for various tasks. Then come up with creative rewards for your child to earn with the points they get from doing the tasks on the behavior reward chart. Our free online point system has templates for many age appropriate rules and rewards.

Your child will learn to appreciate having a clean, organized bedroom and will develop a sense of pride in his accomplishment of cleaning up.