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Get Moving

To encourage your children to incorporate exercise into their daily lives.

Activity Instructions:
Print out an exercise chart with several enjoyable activities that get you and your child moving. Each day, choose a new exercise, or let your child pick her favorite.

To motivate them more, assign points to the excercises and select fun rewards they can redeem with their points. Our free online points system has lots of ideas to keep kids motivated to exercise.

Exercises Ideas for Kids:

  • Throw a baseball or football outside
  • Play Soccer with a Parent or Friend
  • Jump Rope
  • Use the Hula-Hoop
  • Do Jumping Jacks
  • Go Swimming
  • Go for a Bike Ride
  • Play at a Climbing Wall
  • Join a Kids Dance Class

You and your child can spend time together while burning calories and staying fit. You'll both benefit from making daily exercise a fun habit.