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Morning Routine Frenzy

To make your morning routine more manageable by brainstorming solutions with your children. This activity encourages communication, problem solving, and family engagement.

Activity Instructions:
Get a sheet of paper out and make three columns on it. In the first column, list ideas about what gets in the way of smooth mornings. Go ahead and "get silly" with this list-describe all of the events occurring in the morning that create problems for everyone.

With the second column, "get serious" and come up with solutions to the morning frenzy. The third column should feature a list of rewards for implementing the suggested changes and having a calm morning.

Put the agreed about solutions on the morning route chart and assign points for completing the tasks. Use our free online points system to track points and allow kids to exchange their points for creative rewards.


  • Paper
  • Pen or pencil
  • Morning Routine Chart

This activity teaches problem-solving skills and helps kids learn the importance of being involved in solutions.