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Family Activities

Activities for the Whole Family

Our family activities help you have a good time together, while your kids gain valuable life skills. Benefit and grow from playing as a family with a wide range of creative activities. Choose from inspired approaches for game or movie night, to practical ideas on how to share triumphs and letdowns in a supportive manner. Get help dealing with kids" sibling drama, and increase family bonds with trust activities. Step-by-step instructions make these activities and family crafts easy to put into action.

Family Fun Crafts and Activities

Get great ideas on family fun crafts and activities for your family, created by parenting experts with years of experience. Simple to follow and with clearly stated purposes, our activities for families and kids are made to fit into your schedule. Strengthen relationships and encourage your children"s emotional health by creating family yearbooks or journals together. To increase the impact of the learning, many of our family activities include hands-on craft elements. This multi-sensory approach increases the effectiveness and duration of the benefit to your family. Get started on one of our family fun crafts and activities today, and see the benefits as soon as tonight!

To create loving and positive messages about your family to enjoy.

To ease the strain of a recent or impending divorce by opening lines of communication, helping kids understand the meaning of divorce, lessen feelings of blame, and encourage acceptance.

To improve your children's problem solving and critical thinking skills, ability to follow directions, and teamwork, and to strengthen family relationships.

To help open channels of communication between parents and children.

To generate the creative juices and help kids get to know their family better. Finger puppets are a great way to let kids express themselves and learn a bit about how they feel.

To create family bonds, open lines of communication, and hold dialogue on important social issues, personal opinions, and expression of feelings. Seeing the right moview together can get kids talking about issues without them thinking your trying to teach them a life lesson.

To foster communication and family bonding while incorporating an atmosphere of fun.