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Easter Family Treasure Hunt

To improve your children's problem solving and critical thinking skills, ability to follow directions, and teamwork, and to strengthen family relationships.

Activity Instructions:

While the typical Easter egg hunt is always fun, creating a treasure hunt can help your children learn and sharpen skills alongside the entertainment. For this activity, you'll still hide the Easter eggs for children to find, but you'll also create treasure maps and clues to help them in their hunt. If you have older children, you can engage them in helping with the maps and clues for the younger kids.

1. Engage your children's help in drawing maps of the treasure hunt area on large pieces of construction paper (without telling them where the hiding spots are, of course). You can hide the eggs outside in the yard, or inside if the weather isn't cooperating. Draw pictures or use photos to add specific landmarks to the map, such as a tree, shed, or piece of furniture.

2. Number the hiding spots for the eggs. If you'll have more than one child participating in the treasure hunt, you can make multiple maps with different eggs for each child to find. Draw arrows from the hiding spots to indicate which direction she should follow after finding each of the treasures.

3. Create clues, and either write them on the map or use a separate sheet of paper for the clue lists. For example, the clue for the first hidden egg might be “Go to the tree,” or simply “Go to the” followed by a picture of a tree.

4. Give each child in the hunt an Easter basket to gather their treasures, and send them off! You can pair older children with the little ones to "help" them follow their map and clues.

Materials Required for Easter Activity:

  • White or construction paper
  • Markers
  • Pictures or photos (optional)
  • Plastic Easter eggs filled with candy or coins
  • Easter basket


This activity promotes a sense of family unity and working together, while helping children learn to follow directions, solve problems using skills, and even read maps.