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Relay Races

Relay races are wonderful activities for larger groups of kids. If you have six or more little ones, these games will allow them to both compete in a healthy manner and cheer on their teammates!

Activity Instructions

Create teams of even numbers. For example, if there are six children, have two teams of three or three teams of two. Give the kids some sort of team uniform, such as bandanas, matching socks, or just a team color. This will promote team spirit and encourage them to support one another. While the teams are getting settled, set up your relay course. The races that you choose for your kids should be fairly easy for all of them to accomplish and emphasize teamwork.

For example, have a three legged race or set up a running obstacle course. To get your kids more involved, seek their input regarding the kind of relay race in which they want to complete. The imaginations, and enthusiasm, of your kids may surprise you and they will benefit from being a part of the planning process.

Once the races are set up, have your kids line up at their starting line. Explain before the race begins how you will signal that it has started. For example, you can use a whistle or shout “go!” When any disagreements come up about who won, show your kids how to settle it fairly. To avoid such disagreements, focus on the efforts of each child—not only on those who win. Congratulate each child on achieving their goals.


  • Grassy or otherwise soft space
  • Whistle (optional)
  • Relay race materials (varies depending upon the race the kids have chosen)


Relay races are exciting outdoor games that will keep your kids active and encourage them to achieve their goals while working with a team.