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Activities for Tweens and Teens

These activities for tweens and teens teach fundamental life skills, such as empathy, problem-solving, stress-management, and setting goals. Designed by parenting experts with years of experience with teenage/tween children, our activities for kids are both fun and educational. Below you"ll find behavior and manners activities, along with other life skill lessons that will build kids" confidence while giving them tools for the future. These fun projects are creative, engaging, and sure to keep kids interested.

Fun Activities for Tweens and Teens

Our teen and tween activities are fun for kids, even when they"re at this sometimes-difficult age. Our parenting experts created these activities keeping in mind that children need to stay engaged to stay interested. When looking for projects or activities to do with tweens or teens, often the challenge is making your time together fun And productive. With added hands-on and interactive elements in each project, your kids will surely find both an interest and an opportunity to shine. We include great step-by-step details and ideas on fun activities for tween girls and boys, making them easy to follow and to put into action.

To teach your child to appreciate his or her amazing body and develop a deeper understanding of physical capabilities.

To encourage your teen's desire to express gratitude and support others, and develop a lifelong habit of giving and generosity.

To help your tween or teen master the skill of self-control. Everyone gets angry-it's a natural human response to negative external stimuli. This activity will assist your child in calming the inner storm and focusing on a resolution to the issue that is causing anger.

While school yearbooks are great, they aren't really individualized. This activity helps your teen create a yearbook that truly captures his or her school years, and preserves precious memories that will be cherished for years.

To help your tween or teen discover and develop his or her identity, interests and passions.

To strengthen the importance of family, relationships, and keeping in touch with loved ones. Electronics and computers have taken over our lives. We facebook, email and e-card just about everything these days. A personalized homemade card will let family and friends know you're thinking of them in a special way.

Activity Instructions:

To encourage your tween or teen to consider the lives of others and learn to take an interest in differing perspectives and experiences. This activity also supports writing skills and may ignite a passion for writing.

To help your teen build a foundation of preparation for moments of intense emotions. It's easier to react instead of respond when faced with a difficult choice, and it can help to have a formula to follow when challenging moments arise.

To teach your child about the importance of sharing through the world of books.

To enable your tween or teen to deal with challenging social situations.

To help your tween or teen gain understanding through different perspectives and points of view, which is a crucial step in learning responsibility.

To help your child use metaphors to describe challenging situations in his or her life, which assists in developing a deeper understanding of problems, as well as finding solutions. Using metaphors can also bring humor to difficult situations.