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Community Service

To encourage your teen's desire to express gratitude and support others, and develop a lifelong habit of giving and generosity.

Activity Ideas:
With your teen, brainstorm a list of ways he can express gratitude or perform services for others and the community. Some examples of this include:

  • Donate used items to someone in need, or an organization that helps others
  • Volunteer for a charity event
  • Help a neighbor
  • Offer to do chores without being asked
  • Make a friendship bracelet

Have your teen observe the way people respond to his acts of kindness and encourage him to discuss how doing nice things for others makes him feel. Help him see that good deeds are often returned without asking. You can show a token of your appreciation with a printable community service certificate.

Some resources that can help your child find community service work are:

  • Volunteer Match
  • Don't Almost Give
  • Teen Volunteers In Action

Your child will develop an appreciation, and even an enjoyment, for giving of himself and improving the lives of other people.