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News Article

To encourage your tween or teen to consider the lives of others and learn to take an interest in differing perspectives and experiences. This activity also supports writing skills and may ignite a passion for writing.

Activity Instructions:

With your child, choose a topic to write a story on. You can select a general topic, or a more personal subject, such as an issue your family is presently facing. Help your child identify a person she can interview who might be informed about the topic-this could be a family member, a neighbor, or an acquaintance in your community. Encourage her to develop a list of questions based on who, what, where, when, why and how.

Once she's completed the interview, assist her in organizing the answers and working them into a cohesive and informative article. Have her write a headline and include quotes from the interview. Then, enable her to present the finished article-she may want to read it aloud to the family, make copies and hand them out, or use the piece for extra credit at school.


This activity encourages your child to ask questions, explore new topics, and develop a stronger interest in the lives and perspectives of others.