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Create a Friend Yearbook

While school yearbooks are great, they aren't really individualized. This activity helps your teen create a yearbook that truly captures his or her school years, and preserves precious memories that will be cherished for years.

Activity Instructions:
Throughout high school, especially senior year, encourage your teen to collect pictures of herself and her friends, save memorabilia from events such as school dances and fundraisers, and record funny sayings from friends and favorite teachers. Help her create a scrapbook of memories-this can be a gradual process throughout the year, or a fun project you can do together at the end of the year. A "friend yearbook" can also make a great gift for your teen to give her closest friends. Just make copies of all the photos and other items she collects and create separate scrapbooks for gifts.


  • Scrapbook
  • Pictures/photos
  • Memorabilia from events
  • Glue stick
  • Stickers
  • Other art supplies, as desired

Your teen will enjoy a beautiful, personalized book of memories that preserves her school experiences for many years to come.