Kindergarten Behavior Charts

Kindergarten Charts

Our printable kindergarten behavior charts put progress on display in a noticeable way, helping kids feel proud of their actions and improvements. Because our kindergarten charts have colorful pictures and focus on what the child is doing right, kids view them as a positive thing. This is important in keeping kindergarteners interested. Using this physical reminder of good choices is an easy way to integrate positive parenting, so print out one of these behavior charts for kindergarten kids to get started!

Behavior Charts for Kindergarten

The behavior charts for kindergarten kids we provide are a great, free resource that helps parents teach good habits to children. Based on the proven approach of positive reinforcement, choices like brushing teeth, making the bed, and picking up toys are noted and appreciated. Use kindergarten charts to encourage good behavior by easily tracking children's progress. Kids will like the display of their successes being visible for others to see, and parents will know when it's time to reward behavior improvements. Whether the goal is to get kids to pick up their rooms or to share with their siblings more, our behavior charts make it easier for kindergarteners and their parents.