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Parenting Activities

Actitivies to Help with Parenting

Parenting activities can help sharpen your current skills as a parent, and help you see the shortest path to being the best parent for your kids. Written by experts who have years of experience with children and parents, our activities include setting parenting goals together, creating a vision for your family"s future, and even dealing with trying times. With a clearly defined purpose and detailed steps, each activity explains the why, the how, and what to expect from the actions taken.

Parenting Activities for Challenging Times

It"s important that parenting goals and the best path to reach them are clear, especially when your family is experiencing challenges. Our parenting activities detail ideas on discussing your visions and specific goals together, both for your family and as parents. Use our limit-setting activity to outline clear limits, steps, and resolutions for challenges with children. By talking it out and agreeing on a plan of action as co-parents, you"ll help create a calmer environment for the whole family and strengthen your relationships. Agreeing on mutual parenting goals is especially important related to a divorce. This is often a trying time for parents, families and children. You"ll find our divorce vision activity helpful in outlining how as parents, you can map out the best road ahead for all family members. Mutual respect and compromise are key of course, but goals and concerns should be openly discussed so that resolutions can be reached in a healthy, productive manner.

Children test their limits through a desire to assert their independence and control their environment. This activity allows you to use limit setting to teach, rather than punish. When confronted with a power struggle involving your child, it is important to offer choices with consequences.

To maintain the best interests of your children during a recent or impending divorce by finding the most effective ways to communicate and co-parent. This activity helps you stay focused on being a parent and move forward in raising your children.

To help parents set and achieve monthly goals, both as parents and as a couple.

To create a vision for you and your spouse to change, grow or experience new things in the coming year-not only as parents, but also as a couple and as individuals.

As parents, it is easy to focus on the behaviors we don’t want from our children—in fact, for many of us, nagging quickly becomes a destructive habit that often backfires. To help promote your child’s positive behavior, it’s essential to focus on and reward what they’re doing right.

Most parents, especially moms, go through a period of time when they lose their sense of self or identity when raising their children. When the majority of a parent’s time is dedicated to their children and family, it’s easy—and extremely common—to begin feeling frustrated, unfulfilled, and not “complete.” To keep from becoming overwhelmed, it’s essential to find a sense of balance by carving out time for yourself—and time with your partner.

To discover ways to encourage yourself and your children to be positive, even in the face of adversity. Having a negative outlook in life is a learned behavior that CAN be changed. Instead of automatically focusing on the bad elements of a situation, you can retrain your mind to react in a positive way.