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Behavior Chart Activity

Children test their limits through a desire to assert their independence and control their environment. This activity allows you to use limit setting to teach, rather than punish. When confronted with a power struggle involving your child, it is important to offer choices with consequences.

Activity Instructions:

Write out the following checklist to help you stay consistent when setting appropriate limits for your children:

  • Explain what behavior of your child's is inappropriate.
  • Explain why the behavior is inappropriate.
  • Offer choices, with a consequence that the child ultimately chooses. You can't force decisions on your child, but you can determine the consequences for your child's decisions.
  • Allow time for the child to consider their choices and make a decision.
  • Enforce the appropriate consequences. Be sure to follow through; otherwise, setting limits won't work.
  • Award points for achieving behaviors. Track your points online and come up with creative rewards to redeem with their points.


  • Behavior Chart
  • Journal or notebook (to record your checklist and keep track of success)


You will gain confidence as a parent, armed with effective tools for setting limits for your children.