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Parent Vision Board

To create a vision for you and your spouse to change, grow or experience new things in the coming year-not only as parents, but also as a couple and as individuals.

Activity Instructions:

Set aside some time with your spouse to create a vision board. First, write a list of your dreams, goals and desires for the year. Next, flip through magazines or search the Internet, and print or cut out pictures, words and sayings that symbolize your parenting visions, partner visions, and individual visions. Glue these items onto your vision board and decorate as desired.


  • Large poster board
  • Magazines/photos
  • Scissors
  • Colored pens
  • Glue stick(s)


This activity encourages communication between spouses, and allows you to generate discussions of your dreams for your family and each other. As a couple, you can see where your dreams lie and brainstorm ways to co-create your desires. Place the final product in an area where you both can view it and derive inspiration. When you have a clear idea of the goals for your life, you can progress as a connected unit.