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Self-Care for Parents

Most parents, especially moms, go through a period of time when they lose their sense of self or identity when raising their children. When the majority of a parent’s time is dedicated to their children and family, it’s easy—and extremely common—to begin feeling frustrated, unfulfilled, and not “complete.” To keep from becoming overwhelmed, it’s essential to find a sense of balance by carving out time for yourself—and time with your partner.

Activity Instructions:

Create a Feel-Good list. What have you been wanting to do for weeks—or months, or even years—but never have the time or opportunity? Create a wish list of the activities you enjoy most, but have sacrificed for the sake of your children and family. It may include things as simple as taking a bubble bath, reading a novel, getting a mani/pedi, or going to lunch with friends. Or, maybe you’ve always dreamed of something a bit more ambitious, such as taking a trip alone, enrolling in a course, or spending an entire weekend in your pajamas. Have fun with the list—the sky’s the limit!

Now, make a commitment to complete at least one feel-good activity per week. Consider keeping a “feel-good journal”, where you record your thoughts and feelings about how the activity benefited you and what you learned from it.


Participating in feel-good activities helps you connect with your innate passions, interests, and skills, allowing you to revisit who you were before devoting yourself to your family. As you check items off your wish list, you’ll feel rejuvenated and restored. Ultimately, investing time in yourself will cause you to become happier, more patient, and at peace—overall, a better parent!