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Changing Elementary Schools

Most parents do their best to keep their child at the same school for the duration of their allotted time. Whether you're moving out of the area or feel a new school has a better academic program, here are some steps you can take to make the process of changing schools easier for your child.

Parenting Tips for Kids Changing Schools

  1. Communicate. Talk to your child about the upcoming move. Never plan things in secret. Be open, even if no concrete plans have been made yet. You might say "How do you feel about going to Feldman Elementary?" Or "There is a possibility that we may be moving to another city."
  2. Support. See how your child reacts, and take it from there. Your elementary-aged child may not always have the reaction you are looking for. Your child may be angry and may fear that he will lose his friends and social support. Your child may be curious as to how the move will affect his daily routine. A bit of anxiety is normal.
  3. Plan. Include your child in the plans. Do some research together and find out more about schools, community programs, and area activities. If possible, arrange a visit to the school your child will be attending. Involving him in the planning may help allay his fears.
  4. Encourage. Remain upbeat about the changes that are coming. Emphasize the good things that will occur. Emphasize that the move is a new beginning and an exciting time.
  5. Ask. Ask the new school what accommodations they have for new students. In many cases, the school or teacher will assign a buddy to act as a guide during the critical settling-in period. Talk about the move. Show your child pictures of the new place. And, do things to make the move fun and easy for your child. Moving to a new school can actually be a positive experience in your child's life.