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Classroom Behavior: Rude to Teachers

Teachers play such an influential and important role in the life a child. The last thing a teacher wants, but so often gets, is a rude child. Teachers will usually try to address the behavior themselves, but they need the support of those at home to help create a lasting change. If your child is rude to his teachers, there are things that you can do to help put a stop to it. You just need to be willing to tackle the problem once and for all!

Respect in the Classroom

Rudeness often comes out of a lack of respect or a child being unhappy about something and not knowing how to effectively handle the situation. Teaching children to learn to respect teachers, even if they don't like them, is important and necessary. Today's teachers seem to be facing a lot more rudeness than they did in generations past, but with a little consistency, parents can help bring it to an end.

Teach your child to use better behavior in the classroom and at school with these tips:

  • Talk to your child about the importance of having good manners and what rudeness is. Try role playing, so that your child can see the difference in various ways he can respond to his teacher.
  • Make politeness a high priority in your home with all family members.
  • Use positive reinforcement to reward polite behavior. You may even want to set up a behavior chart so your child gets a checkmark for each day there are no reports of rude behavior, and then give him a reward at the end of a week.
  • Believe it or not, sometimes teachers become frustrated and end up being rude as well. You may want to investigate whether some of the rudeness is originating with the teacher or even with your child's peers.
  • Pay attention to what your child is watching on television, reading, or listening to in order to see if those things are glorifying rudeness. If so, it's time to change the channel!
  • Immediately address rude behavior at home.
  • Teach your child some anger management skills because.

Having manners is a skill that will benefit your child for the rest of his life. Teach your child to be respectful by modeling the behavior you want him to display, making it a priority, and consistently reinforcing it, whether at school, a restaurant, or at home.