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Encouraging Good Classroom Behavior

Whether your child has come home from school with a note about unacceptable behavior or his teacher has called to tell you about bad behavior, most parents know that sometimes behavior incidents occur. Discuss these incidents with your elementary-aged child and his teacher to ensure you're doing all you can to nip bad behavior in the bud.

Parenting tips for coordinating classroom behavior with your child's teacher:

  • Talk to your child's teacher about the behavior. Let her know about any situations that your child considers stressful which may cause him to exhibit a change in behavior. Some children will be unable to focus or process when there are outside distractions. Other children are easily influenced by peers, and may behave differently when she is trying to impress her friends.
  • Take time to listen. Listen to both the perspective of the teacher and your child. Make sure your child understands that the school rules need to be followed and that you expect, without exception, good behavior at all times.
  • Ask questions. Work with the teacher to create interventions that can be used at school and at home.
  • Reward good behavior. Let your child know when she has done something well. Some children will seek attention in negative ways if they are not getting positive attention. Be consistent in rewarding the same positive behaviors as the teacher. Your child will receive double the positive reinforcement!

Discuss clear consequences for repeated negative behavior. Let the teacher know what you will do if the negative behavior continues. This way, the teacher can remind your child that there are consequences, both at home and at school. Always keep the lines of communication with your child's teacher open. Think of encouraging good behavior as a team effort to make sure your child chooses good behavior options and has a fulfilling school experience.