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Mom, I Finished My Homework!

Ah, the sweet sound of success. All of us love hearing our child tell us she has finished their homework but what most of us don't enjoy is the process of getting there. Let's face it, most kids don't like doing homework and getting them to finish it either ends with a screaming match or a bargaining chip. For those of you who are beginning to grow tired of the chaos that ensues when trying to get your child to do homework you need to implement new motivation practices that yield results.

Tips to Motivate your Kids to Do Homework

Remember that threatening and punishing your child into completing homework can only work for so long. It's important to implement new techniques to motivate your child.

Try these parenting tips that will make life easier for your and your child:

  • Turn off the TV. If your child is doing homework, do not allow any other family member to watch TV in a nearby room. This will just make your child want to get her work done faster so she can watch TV too, which will result in rushing and sloppiness.
  • Designate a specific "study area." Make sure this study area is neat and organized and utilized every time there is work to be done. Also, this area should be free of distractions such as toys, a radio, or television.
  • Implement a steady schedule. Make sure there is a certain time of day that is dedicated to study time, snack time, dinner time, etc. Using a set schedule will allow your child to be prepared for what is going to happen next.
  • Be organized. Keeping homework assignments organized will help your child focus. Designate a specific folder or binder for upcoming homework assignments. You can also utilize the help of a "to-do" list or homework chart to help. When your child finishes a particular task, she can cross it off the list, which will give her a sense of accomplishment.
  • Be there to provide support and help. If your child needs your help with a homework assignment, you should help her. Keep in mind, help is not the same thing as finishing her work for her. Ask her questions about the assignment that will help her focus.

Don't Rush to Get Homework Done

There's no point in rushing through homework. You will probably want to go over completed assignments with your child to ensure her understanding. Remember, your child learns by example, so when you rush, she will too.