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Video Game Zombies

Video games are here to stay. Kids will play for hours if you let them. Help keep your child from becoming a video game zombie by implementing some simple strategies designed to put video games back into perspective.

Important Tips to Help You Free the Video Game Zombie in your Child

  • Set time limits. Allow only a certain number of minutes per day of video game time… yes, minutes! Remember to balance gaming with television time. Consider requiring that your child earn game time. Once you set time limits, be sure to enforce them
  • Limit content. Video games have ratings for a reason. M-rated games are not appropriate for elementary-age children. View the ratings on the package as a general guideline, test the game, and decide for yourself if it’s appropriate. Find alternatives. Replace video games with fun family activities and age-appropriate extracurriculars. Kids that are active in sports, music, and other activities, tend to spend less time playing video games.
  • No gaming in the bedroom. A good rule of thumb is that there should no TV, video games, or computers in your child’s bedroom. Monitoring your child is far easier if he isn’t behind a closed door. Make sure your child is where he can interact with other family members so that video games aren’t his main focus.
  • First things first. Stress other activities such as homework, exercise, sports, music, and family time over video games. Use charts to help clarify what needs to be done before gaming is permitted.
  • Video games are not a babysitter - Resist the urge to rely on video games to keep your child quiet and occupied. It just makes good sense to teach your child that there are other things to do.

Implement different strategies according to what works for you and your child. Make sure that video games are a fun diversion and not a national pastime..