Parenting Articles – for Parents of Children in Elementary School

Parenting Articles: Grade School Age

These parenting articles contain useful tips from the experts. Help for problems like peer pressure and bullies, which often start when kids are in elementary school.

  • Girl curled into ball on couch

    Charts for Behavior 

    Charts help kids visualize tasks to complete and teach kids responsibility and good behavior. Read more »

  • Homework Chart

    Charts for Children 

    Using kids charts for positive reinforcement will teach a child about responsibility, setting goals and working to complete them. Read more »

  • Grandmother reading to grandaughter

    Child Care 

    Finding proper after-school childcare can pose a dilemma, especially for working parents without babysitters. Child care programs can offer terrific solutions. Read more »

  • Boy eating pizza

    Child Obesity and Elementary-Schoolers 

    According to the CDC, obesity is on the rise among elementary age children. Learn what you can do to keep your child at a healthy weight. Read more »

  • Ciggarette in hand

    Child Smoking 

    90 percent of all adult smokers started smoking when they were children. Every day, almost 4,000 kids become regular smokers. Read more »

  • Boy entering door

    Children Home Alone? Are they Ready? 

    At some point, every parent needs to decide when a child is ready to stay home alone. Use caution before making this decision. Read more »

  • Boy stealing cookies

    Children Stealing 

    No parent wants their child to commit a crime. Address this behavior immediately before it gets out of control. Read more »

  • Different sports balls on turf

    Choosing the Right Sport 

    You might feel nervous about allowing your child to try out a new sport or activity. That's normal, but it's also important to encourage your child to try new things. Read more »

  • Girl washing dishes

    Chore Charts 

    Kids chore charts help you monitor how your children are behaving, what chores they may be neglecting, and how they're handling their responsibilities. Read more »

  • Girl cleaning mirror

    Chores and Responsibilities 

    Just about every parent has at least a few complaints about their kids when it comes to getting chores done. Learn easy ways to set up and enforce chores. Read more »

Tips for Parents with Elementary Schoolers

Learn parenting tips that work today, for success in the years to come. With feedback from other parents and tips from the experts, you’re sure to find parenting styles that are a good fit for your family. Sibling rivalry and kids’ health usually get worse in elementary school years, and new issues like peer pressure and bullies are just starting. Find out how to overcome these issues, and how to deal with things like behavior problems. Our parenting tips and articles will guide you through using positive discipline, while giving your children the tools they need for life.