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Accountability is the Key to Positive Parenting

By: Linda Sorkin, L.M.F.T and teen life coach with Soul Empowered Coaching.
As parents we ultimately want our children to be held accountable for their actions. We want them to take responsibility for what they do right and wrong as well as learn from the choices they make. We want them to grow into self-empowered, self-esteemed and healthy functioning adults in all their affairs! And we know it all starts in childhood, which begins with positive parenting! The Kid Pointz program supports us parents while instilling self-motivated accountability with our children. 5 key parenting tips on how to hold your kids accountable:

  1. Keep track of your kids individual rules, behaviors and expectations.
  2. Offer choices to help guide them in their decision-making.
  3. Open up discussions with your kids to help them explore where and how they can make better choices.
  4. Get them involved in creating their rules and rewards so they have a personal incentive to want to change their behavior.
  5. Reinforce their accountable behavior by giving them encouragement and positive feedback.
  6. Most importantly, model accountability for your kids! Show them how important it is to be responsible and honor your word.

Teaching our children how to self-manage their own behavior will ensure success in many avenues of their life. Especially as they face the challenges that comes with the territory of moving through their developmental stages. Empowering our children to proactively become accountable for their behavior, and ultimately their life, is paramount to our job as a parent. If we can help them to embrace accountability, our role as parents will perhaps become easier and more enjoyable because our kids will be moving toward independence.