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Chores and Responsibilities

Just about every parent around has at least a few complaints about their kids when it comes to getting chores done and being responsible. It seems like it kind of comes with the territory of being a kid! But kids and parents alike can benefit from getting kids involved in actively doing chores and being responsible. It's just a matter of putting it all into action and keeping it going!

Chores: Everyone Pitches In

Every person in a family should take responsibility to help the household run. This means that even at the elementary level, kids should be pitching in to do their part. But just how do parents go about getting their kids to do their chores and in turn become responsible? It is actually easier than you may think! There are three elements that work the best when it comes to keeping kids on task with household chores:

  • Tracking. Use chore charts and a positive reward system. Children will be much more likely to continue getting their chores done if they are held accountable for doing them. Setting up chore charts will do the trick!
  • Enforcing. Be consistent in using the charts. If you stick with using them, they will as well. And if you have problems along the way, try using a behavior reflection sheet or problem solving sheet in order to get them thinking about their actions.
  • Rewarding. Kids need to get some positive feedback when they are doing well or when they are putting forth good effort. The rewards should be determined when the charts are first put into place, but you can also make changes each week to increase motivation.

In addition to those main aspects, it is important to use positive praise and to make sure that the chores you are assigning to your child are age appropriate and the reward commensurate with the task. Once you have everything in place, the whole system should run like a well oiled machine. All you will need to do is increase their level of responsibility as they mature. Teaching kids about chores not only helps them in their home life, but it will also bring about positive aspects in school as well. When children learn the importance of responsibility, those values will carry over into other areas of their life and well into adulthood. And that is a win-win situation for everyone!