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Sleepovers Using SuperNanny Techniques

Ah, the joys of hosting sleepovers at your house; kids running around everywhere, constant messes to clean up and no sleep, for anyone. It just seems impossible to control all the kids at a sleepover, especially the "bad kid." However, you don't have to dread sleepovers anymore if you put to use some SuperNanny techniques. So tell your child to call up all their friends because you're ready to host a successful sleepover tonight.

SuperNanny Sleepover Rescue

You can start experiencing all the little joys that you didn't even know existed at sleepovers when you utilize the SuperNanny sleepover tips. Below are some techniques that will not only get you through a sleepover, but leave you ready to take on more:

  • Plan activities. Children who are bored are likely to misbehave. Have a set plan for what activities will be played, what movies are going to be watched, etc. and at what time. This will keep you on track and also prevent children from being bored and acting out. Don't stray from your plan, as the rest of the night is likely to be interrupted from a deviation in what you were planning.
  • Stay calm. This is one the most important techniques because when you become out of control everyone else is likely to follow suit. Don't rely on screaming to gain control of the situation, instead take a deep breath and gain attention by clapping a particular beat or raising your hand in the air.
  • Discipline privately. If one child is acting out of hand, you want to take that child out of the group setting to go over their actions with them. Addressing the issue in public will only make them feel embarrassed and is likely to result in more bad behavior, as they're going to try to seem "cool." You may need to put the child on the phone with their parents, so they can go over correct behavior with them.
  • Stay positive. Don't let the little things bother you or else you may lose your mind at the sleepover. If the children are running up the stairs phrase your criticism properly. Instead of saying, "Don't run up the stairs," try "Please walk." This way the children know who is in charge but they don't feel threatened.

Sleepovers may not be the ideal way you plan to spend your Saturday night but it's something your child always looks forward to. Sleepovers are somewhat of a natural rite of passage when it comes to growing up and you want your child to have fun with their friends. In order to make both you and your child happy when it comes to Sleepover Saturday, just remember to take the sleepover for what it is and follow the simple SuperNanny techniques.