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Social Tips and Time with Family, for Parents of Elementary Schoolers

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Learn to teach table manners for kids to your children, without a battle. Get tips on social issues, family meetings, travel with kids, and raising step children.

The divorce statistics of today are a sign of the times. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there were just over 2 million marriages in 2009. That same year there were 840,000 divorces! While nobody marries setting out to get a divorce, for a variety of reasons things happen and it has become quite common. Knowing how to address it with your child can make a huge difference!

You and the kids will be a bit point crazy when you first begin using the Kid Pointz behavior reward system. You will be requested to award points for every little behavior and the kids will be eager to earn whatever you have set up in their store. But don't worry, the good behaviors become good habits quickly, and along with way the bar will be raised, the rules made more challenging, and the program will become second nature to all of you.

Young children having a security item that they cling to is common, as the vast majority of them do this at some point. Whether it is a favorite blanket or a stuffed animal, children usually have something that brings them comfort and calms their fears. While it is usually not a problem at the toddler age, when kids get to the 6-9 age range, there can be issues that arise from having special security items in tow.

Finding appropriate after-school childcare can pose a dilemma, especially for working parents with no nearby relatives to help. While they shouldn't decide, involving your child in the decision will help them accept it. Keep in mind that after-school care shouldn't be an extension of the school day but a time to play, explore, and socialize.

By: Laura Newman
Children have the capacity to help others and it is more important than ever to convey this to our kids. By offering time we are able to show our children that in the larger picture, we all matter and can make a difference. Before your start, find out if your child is old enough to participate by phoning your local Chamber of Commerce who can give you information about organizations in your area that may have volunteer opportunities you had not previously considered. In the meantime, see the easy suggestions below that can help your child make a difference in the lives of others.

No parent expects for their child to have attention deficit hyperactivity disorders, or ADHD, but the occurrence of the disorder has affected more than 4.5 million children nationwide between the ages of 5 and 17 since 2006 alone. The exact causes of ADHD in children are still widely unknown to the medical community, but heredity seems to be the biggest contributor.

By: Linda Sorkin, LMFT, Soul Empowered Coaching
Making time to meaningfully connect with our family is critical for creating and fostering a successful family life. Family meetings can keep us committed to a regular scheduled time to communicate, share and bond with each other. We can use the meeting as a time to review house rules, set goals, keep track of everyone’s lives, assess needs, resolve conflict, teach problem solving skills, express gratitude, and work on behaviors. It is challenging keeping up with the pace of today's lifestyle. It’s just too easy to let time slip by and distractions disconnect us with our kids unless an event or misbehavior has occurred.

Every parent wants their children to be respectful and display good manners. It's such an advantage for a child to act appropriately for a given situation. Learning these life skills at an early age will help them now and in the future. Here are some ways to help your child form good habits and display good manners now and for the rest of their lives.

For decades, horses or ponies have been popular gifts for kids. However, many enter the world of horse ownership without counting the cost first. While there are many people who successfully own and care for horses or ponies, even people who genuinely want the extra responsibility will need to carefully research what will be required of them when owning a horse. The following paragraphs will discuss some of the important aspects of horse ownership.

The concept of moving is simple: you pack up your things and go. But for children, moving to a new home is as about as complicated as it gets. Parents can help ease the transition a bit, though, by helping their children realize that while a move represents an ending, it also represents a beginning. Even if more than a day away, consider a family trip to your new home prior to the move to help your children prepare for their new beginning. If the move is a long distance one, your family might have to explore via the Internet.