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Tips for Choosing and Using a Bed-Wetting Alarm

If your child suffers from nocturnal enuresis, otherwise known as bed wetting, you may find that it's not only frustrating, but it can be costly. Whether you are buying the child nighttime training pants, or you are washing sheets every morning, it can really add up. What you may want to invest in, instead, is a bed-wetting alarm.

Bed Wetting Alarms: Parents Guide

A bed-wetting alarm is exactly as it sounds. It is a small, unobtrusive device, which is attached to a child and alarms them when they are urinating. The device is attached near where the first wetness would be felt and as it is felt, an alarm sounds. The alarm wakes the child up so that they are aware they need to go to the bathroom and can get up and go.

Here are some tips for choosing and using a bed-wetting alarm:

  • Be sure to research them before choosing one. They come in a variety of styles and prices. You may even want to speak to your pediatrician to get a product referral.
  • Keep in mind that your child may be afraid to use it at first. You will need to be patient and explain to them what it is, maybe even demonstrate for them during the day how it works and what the alarm sounds like.
  • It is recommended that you use it for three weeks to address the bed-wetting and then another two weeks after the bed-wetting stops for best results.
  • Consider using behavior and reward charts. They can be extremely helpful in getting a child to stop bed-wetting. You may want to try using them before purchasing a bed-wetting alarm to see if that is all you need. Otherwise, you may want to use the reward chart in conjunction with the alarm.
  • Be patient and consistent with using a bed-wetting alarm. Even if you are using a bed-wetting alarm, there is not going to be results overnight. This is an issue that takes time.

Millions of kids have bed-wetting issues. But in time and with patience, they will almost all overcome them. Just focus on the positives, praise them when they wake up dry, and support them. Bed-wetting alarm or not, success is within reach!