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Bullies and Bullying in Preschool and Kindergarten

Dealing with preschool bullies or the dreaded kindergarten bully is a challenge, but our parenting articles will help you guide your child to making the right choices.

Parenting Articles on Bullying

Parents understandably feel upset when hearing that their kids are being targeted by bullies, or when finding out that their child is showing bullying behavior. Get parenting tips to minimize and prevent this behavior, and how to look for signs of kindergarten or preschool bullying in children. Preschool and kindergarten are some of the first places that children interact in large groups, so that’s often where bullies start their behavior. In addition, as kids first get online cyber bullying can become a factor as well. Our parenting articles on bullying will give you step by step tips and feedback.

Preschool bullying may not be a term that you are familiar with. However, preschoolers and kindergartners exhibit signs of bullying all the time; kicking, hitting, pushing, difficulty sharing. These are all typical behaviors of young children, however they are also behaviors that should be immediately corrected so they are not used in the future.

Most kids have experienced some form of childhood teasing. But, when teasing becomes hurtful, abrasive, and constant, it’s bullying. As parents, we don’t even want to imagine our children becoming the target of a bully, but unfortunately it happens—and it happens a lot more often than you think. Normal routines can be more easily disrupted than you think. When a Bully Disrupts Normal Routines

Many preschoolers and kindergartners face the harsh treatment of bullies, despite the fact that such bullying behavior exists in preschool and kindergarten is a bit surprising to many parents. Because bullying has the potential to become an issue in any social situation, parents should prepare their kids for dealing with bullies and cruel treatment when they first enter school.

It's hard to imagine your pride and joy- your child, bullying other children. You may not believe it at first but it's important to acknowledge because a parent plays a major role, if not the most important role, in ensuring their child stops bullying. Your child may not be bullying just to be mean, there is usually an underlying reason why a child chooses to pick on others.

Preschoolers, like all other children, are often faced with bullies. Although it seems a rather young age for such cruel behavior, the fact remains that anyone involved in a social environment, such as school, will deal with bullies in one way or another. If your child is being bullied, or is a bully, there are several things you can do to stop inappropriate behavior and teach your child to act in a caring manner.