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Get Your Child to Actually Enjoy Reading

Reading- it's something your child will have to do throughout their entire life, and you know this from experience. It's best to get them used to the idea now by teaching them that reading can actually be fun. At some point during their school years your child may grow tired of reading textbooks but it's important to make sure they don't grow tired of the act of reading.

Reading for Children Can Be Just as Fun as Playing Games

Okay, so maybe your child won't really think reading is as fun as playing games with their friends, but it it's a nice alternative to watching television. Reading allows children to use their imagination, just like they do when they play make believe games with their friends. You can equate the fun of reading with another activity that they might find enjoyable, i.e. reading a book that was made into their favorite movie. Follow the steps below for more ideas on how to create an avid reader in the family:

  • Play dress up and act out a book that you might have read the night before. If you can, read the book to more than just one child, so they have the chance to act it out with more than just their selves. If not, act out the book with your child
  • Making reading a "reward." Yes, you should read with your child on a regular basis but also consider making a reward for reading. If your child finishes their tasks around the house or does something else worthy of praise give them an incentive like "book dollars." Let them gain points that equate to dollars that eventually equal a trip to the bookstore.
  • Have a reading picnic. Pack a lunch, sit outside on a blanket and start reading. Your child will surely look forward to enjoying the outdoors with a good book in hand. You can even get adventurous by going to different parks every time you have a picnic.
  • Go to story time at the library. Usually local libraries or bookstores will participate in something called "story time" where a trained storyteller will fascinate children with a particular book. In addition, your child will get to meet other kids at the event.
  • Create a fun reading chart to show their progress.
  • Set a reading time. This doesn't mean you can only read at this time, it just allows your child to look forward to a specific time of the day. Maybe you decide to read before bed and with all the fun activities that are associated with reading now, it could make it easier to get your child to go to sleep at night.

Reading is a Life-Long Skill for Kids

Reading is something your kids will use throughout their entire life and it's better to instill a passion for reading at an early age. When they're older they will begin to associate reading with good memories and therefore, not dread reading as much.