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Age for Kindergarten

Delaying the start of kindergarten can be a good thing for some children, but not for all. Some kids can benefit from an extra year at home while others are ready to enter the classroom at an earlier age. When determining at what age your preschooler should start kindergarten there are many factors to consider.

Weighing the Kindergarten Start Options

When your child starts school is an important decision for your entire family. When the choice is finally made whether to start school or delay it, though, it should be made based upon what is in the best interest for your little one, not what is best of your schedule.

  • Know the requirements. Before determining whether or not your child is ready to start school you will have to know what will be expected in the classroom. Once you are familiar with what skills will be needed to enter kindergarten, you can start weighing the pros and cons of delaying the start of school.
  • Pros. Delaying Kindergarten is a great option if your child is unable to sit still for any period of time. Preschoolers love to be active, to talk and play, and if your child is still in a stage the demands constant attention you may want to think about putting school off for another year. Kindergarten curriculums are tougher than ever, so be sure that your child has the essential skills needed to complete the year.
  • Cons. When a child is ready to start Kindergarten, be it at age 5 or at age 6, they should be enrolled. The development of your child is important and, if they are able to keep up with the curriculum, starting early may prove to be an advantage to their academic careers.

As a parent, you are constantly making decisions based upon what is best for your kids. The age for kindergarten can be a difficult choice to make, but the school will have resources available to help you determine what is best for your family.