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Back to School: Organizing Your Kindergartener

"This year is going to be different…," when you think about it you've probably said that sentence every year. Each school year you've wanted to organize a variety of things to keep your child on track; a set schedule, homework assignments, a checklist to work off of, etc. Organization just seemed to fall off the wagon as the school year began to progress and there was just too much to keep up with.

Seriously, Get it Done Before they go Back to School

You can help your child get organized this year. Organization tends to lessen the stress of getting things done because you have a set system in order. It's never too late to help your child feel less stress when they are trying to accomplish "daunting" homework assignments.

Try these parenting tips to instill organization in your child's schedule:

  • Set a designated study time and space. Your child should have a "special" area that they use for homework. This will allow them to feel proud of their own space and also they will know exactly where to go when it's study time. Setting a designated time will also let your child know what's expected of them and when they should be doing school work. For example, maybe after snack time is study time.
  • Checklists and routine charts are going to become your best friend. Help your child create their own "to-do" list or chart. Use this list to jot down homework assignments, due dates, and special events that are going to take place in class a certain day. Let them cross completed items of the list when they finish them, this will give them a sense of accomplishment.
  • Organize homework assignments. Using the checklist, organize home assignments by due date in a folder or binder. Make sure your child knows where the folder is so when they're ready to start study time they can get it out. This helps build a set routine as well.
  • Prepare, prepare, prepare. Before your child goes to bed look over their checklist and/or calendar with them. Go over what's happening the next day and make sure their prepared for the event before the morning hits. This avoids morning confusion, unpreparedness, and lateness.

Organization is Key for Back to School

You've heard people say "organization is the key to the success." Well in fact, it might be. You want to set your child up for success by helping them become organized. Your child will learn to operate on a set-schedule and how to become prepared for certain things, obviously a learned behavior that will come in-hand for the future.