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Keeping Little Ones on Task in Kindergarten

Young children can have a difficult time paying attention in class, especially kindergarteners who are just starting school. Figuring out a completely new environment can present many challenges and invoke behavioral issues, but if parents are clear about the behavior that is expected of their children when at school this transition can be smooth.

Preparing Kindergarteners for the Classroom

No one wants to go into a new situation blind, which is why parents should prepare their little ones for the new environment that they will encounter once they start school. The transition from home to the classroom can be stressful and, if kids don't know exactly what is expected of them, can be very difficult.

  • Introduce the concept of school early. Kids who are well-aware of what kindergarten is, and how it is run, will be more likely to understand the behavior that is expected of them in the classroom. Playing "school" at home can be a great introduction to classroom behavior.
  • Visit the school and meet the teacher before the term starts. Almost all schools offer a "meet the teacher" day, which is a great resource for parents who are helping their little ones adapt to the new environment. Take your kids to visit the school about a week before their first day of class and let them explore the new surroundings, get a feel for the new classroom, and start building a relationship with their teacher.
  • Reinforce classroom discipline at home. Should your kindergartener misbehave, you must make it known that bad behavior at school is just as unacceptable as bad behavior at home. By keeping in contact with your child's teacher and voicing your support of classroom rules to your child, you can help keep classroom behavior on the right track.

Behavior at School – The Parents’ Part

Many parents may feel disconnected from children’s classroom behavior, but they can reinforce great habits by calling attention to the rules that are set by the teacher. Many instructors give out gold stars, fake money, or other rewards for kids’ good behavior. By showing an interest in these incentives and praising your child for receiving them, you can further support the importance of great classroom behavior.