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Student Behavior

Kids just entering preschool or kindergarten programs are exposed to a completely new environment, one in which they may struggle to gain their footing. If parents and teachers establish clear expectations regarding student behavior, it will often help a child settle into daily school life quickly. You can effectively monitor kids’ success and reward good student behavior by using a behavior system. A behavior or reward system makes goals, progress, and accomplishments clear to see and easily track-able. In addition, giving kids rewards for meeting goals is positive reinforcement: a proven method of improving students’ other children’s behavior.

Good Student Behavior from the Start

Setting a foundation early will help children become successful students in the future. The curriculum for kindergarteners is getting harder and harder every year, which is why enforcing great study habits, classroom behavior for students, and an interest in schoolwork is crucial for kids' success in the academic field.

  • Student behavior. This is more than just listening to the teacher. Engaging in lessons, participating in discussions, and studying are all part of great student behavior and should be reinforced both at home and in the classroom.
  • Teaching respect. If a child respects their teachers they will be more likely to engage in the content that is presented. Parents should talk about teachers as authoritative figures who have the ability to provide interesting and useful information. If children understand their teacher has information that is exciting it may be easier for the teacher to command the attention of the child.
  • Rewards and punishment. Molding expected student behavior is a challenge that all parents face, but the tried and true technique of rewarding good behavior and punishing bad behavior can work if parents are consistent and communicate with teachers. Choosing a kids reward system, and sticking to it, makes the parent-teacher-child team able to track and more easily achieve their goal: making students successful. A reward system for kids, as part of a student behavior system, can help establish proper expectations and enforce rules.

Making Learning Fun Means Long-Term Rewards for Students

Helping preschoolers and kindergarteners learn proper student behavior basically boils down to engaging their interest in one way or another-- whether it be an interest in the study materials, in classroom discussions, or in the rewards that they are sure to earn for behaving properly. No matter which approach or reward system for kids you use to get a child involved in and excited about their education, remember that little students usually have very short attention spans. Young children cannot be expected to study their numbers or ABCs for an hour at a time, but by establishing the right behaviors now, even at short intervals, students will learn how to study and how to behave in a classroom setting-- two lessons that will be invaluable as they progress through the educational system.