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Changing Schools

Although most adults probably don't remember their first day of school, it is important for kindergarteners and preschoolers to feel secure and even excited about a change to a new school. Many children, especially the younger ones, have a difficult time facing the unfamiliar classrooms and new teachers, but with a little encouragement on your end-- and a lot of preparation-- changing schools doesn't have to be a traumatic experience.

Prepare Before Changing Schools

Before setting your kids lose to run the academic race at their new school you should prepare them for the new experiences that they are going to have. Anxiety is a common reaction for many children, but you can counteract the anxiety bug by getting your kids excited to start this new chapter in their lives!

  • Pay a visit. Before school starts, take your child to the new school and walk around campus. This will familiarize everyone with the new surroundings and will serve to help kids feel more confident about their ability to survive this new experience. Oftentimes kids are intimidated by new places, but having a handle on the campus before school starts may help ease anxiety.
  • Provide encouragement. If you treat the start of a new school as something exciting, something to look forward to, odds are that your kids will, too. By encouraging your children to participate in class and get involved in their education, you can increase the likelihood that they will enjoy the time they spend in the classroom.
  • Allow individuality. Of course you want your child to be presentable, but school is an important step in the process of creating an identity. While exploring their own boundaries and determining who they really are, kids need to learn how to be themselves within the confines of the social expectations that are a part of the school environment. Your child wants to wear cowboy boots? Allow it. Just make sure that your kids understand that there are boundaries.

A Successful Transition to a New School

No matter how you approach the transition from one school to another, or from home to school, young kids will hit a few bumps along the way. Just be patient and let your kids know that you are proud of them and their accomplishments!