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After School Activities for Kindergarteners

As a parent to a young child, you may be wondering what extracurricular activities are appropriate for your kindergartner. There are a variety of after-school activities that your child can take part in that are complimentary to their age group and promote physical and mental wellness. You want to engage your child in activities that are fun and challenging, but don't go beyond their developmental capabilities.

Age-Appropriate Extracurricular Activities

Teaching your child to enjoy physical activity will help them stay active as they grow older. Additionally, mental stimulation will only help your child build on their skill sets and create new ones.

Parenting Tips for Selecting Extracurricular Activities:

  • Sports. If you choose to enroll your kindergartner in extracurricular sports, be sure to remember that some games are just too complicated for them right now. They haven't mastered the basics, such as throwing, catching and taking turns. If you still want to encourage them to participate in sports make sure you choose a league that focuses on building fundamentals and fun, not one that emphasizes winning and losing.
  • Play games. Choose games that are easy for young kids to understand, including "duck, duck goose," "follow the leader," "tag," etc. These games will allow your child to engage in physical activities without the threat of frustration and complication.
  • Engage them. Encourage them to read and act out stories and/or plays with their friends or the kids down the street. This will get your child excited about reading and learning.
  • Dance the day away. Persuade your child to participate in physical activity by moving their body to music and coming up with new moves. You can play their favorite songs and create a miniature dance party or even play freeze dance.
  • Yoga. You may have never considered this option, but yoga is a great way for your child to get exercise. Yoga provides children with relaxation techniques and encourages them to stretch out their muscles. Try simple poses, such as the downward dog and the lemon squeeze.

Incorporate Variety in After School Activities

Whichever activities you choose for your child, make sure to incorporate variety. Kids don't want to do the same after-school activity every day and integrating variety will help them build on different skill sets. Choosing age-appropriate activities for your child will build on their self-esteem and downplay frustration.