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Nutrition for Kids

The strange dietary habits of children often cause parents to worry if they are getting the nutrition they need. But, rest assured, studies show that, even though on a daily basis many kids' diets don't measure up, over a longer period of time, kids get what they need nutrition-wise. Even though we understand that most kids generally get everything they need from their daily diets, it's important that parents and caretakers teach kids about healthy eating, good nutrition, good food, and how to eat right.

Creative ways that you can teach young children nutrition.

  • Young children usually have quite a few food-related toys. From play kitchens to grocery stores, kids have access to play food. Take advantage of these play opportunities to teach your kids about healthy foods.
  • To teach your child about the USDA food pyramida and the new food plate. Draw a large basic food pyramid on a piece of poster board. Cut pictures of food out of magazines and help your child paste the pictures in their proper place on the food pyramid. This will help her gain knowledge and insight about each type of food.
  • Use a kids healthy eating chart for picky eaters that are good for them may need a bit of extra help. Make a chart that lists each food category and that has leftover spaces for checkmarks. Help your child paste pictures of each type of food into the right category. Then, after each meal and/or snack, help your child put a checkmark next to the food categories she ate from. She can earn small rewards by eating the right number of fruit servings, vegetable servings, etc.