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The Importance of Childhood Immunizations

There's no doubt that immunizations have helped modern societies nearly obliterate dangerous diseases. Once deadly diseases like polio, chicken pox, and mumps have been nearly wiped out. But, some of the diseases many of us have never even seen are on the rise because some young children are not receiving regular immunizations. Most public school districts require that children are up to date on their immunizations as a condition of enrollment.

This is because the school environment is an ideal place for kids to spread illnesses to other children. Ensuring that all children are immunized is one way social organizations help prevent the transmission of disease.

Kids Health: The Good and the Bad

A small number of people believe that immunizations may be responsible for serious side effects in children. Although no immunization is 100% safe for everyone, the diseases that each immunization prevents are far more likely to be dangerous than the immunizations themselves. A child that is not immunized may be subject to illness and, if infected, may spread the illness to other unimmunized children resulting in the epidemics that immunizations were developed to prevent. Ultimately, parents need to make informed decisions about immunizations to ensure their child's health and the health of those around him.