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The Importance of Exercise

Decades ago, kids would spend hours outside playing jump rope, kick the can, sandlot ball, and more. These days, many kids have to be forced outside and away from the television or video games. Because our society tends to ignore the value of physical activity, you may need to pay special attention to how much exercise your child gets to prevent child obesity.Kids are naturally active¦ if we let them be.

According to most experts, kids need at least one hour of physical activity most days to maintain weight, build healthy muscles and bones, and guarantee great cardiovascular health. Regular exercise also helps kids (and adults!) sleep better. Still, some kids need a little push to get active.

Kids Games

Kids love games. They love to run and play and jump. Make exercise fun for your child by making a game out of it. Challenge him to a race. Jump rope with her. Engaging your kids in games that involve exercise can make you and your child healthier.

Kids Sports

Group sports are a great way to keep kids active. Find out what sports your child enjoys and encourage him to participate. Even during the winter months, most communities have sports activities for kids.

Excercise Charts

If your child still needs help, try making a colorful chart. Help your child cut out pictures of fun activities and paste them on the chart. Have her place a checkmark on the chart each time she participates in physical activity to earn a small reward.

Parents Leading by Example

Like many other things, your child learns to be active or inactive by example. If you engage in physical fitness, your child will probably want to as well. Exercise at home, take regular walks, and participate in sports to show your child exercise can be fun.

Playground Activity

Visit the local playground with your child. Take a neighborhood friend along, too. If you want to pump up the exercise level, ride your bikes to the playground. You can even visit the park for a bike ride after dinner with the family.