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SuperNanny De-Cluttering Technique

As a parent there are days that you dread walking into the house and seeing the many messes that are just waiting to be picked up by you. From toys to books, dirty clothes to dishes, it seems that your once clean house can get messy again in just a few minutes. Whether you work inside the home or out, keeping up with never-ending messes can become a real chore.

SuperNanny De-Clutter Technique

The SuperNanny "De-Clutter" technique can be easily followed by parents on the go and it's quick, so you don't have to use every spare second of your time to clean. Follow the SuperNanny tips below to enjoy a clean and clutter-free house:

  • Do a fly-by: Before you head off to bed straighten up the family room by fixing the cushions, putting away remote control units and neatly stacking newspapers and magazines. Also, get the children to put their toys away in a big plastic tub or basket before they head to bed. This way you'll both get the idea behind this quick nightly routine.
  • Set up a Chore Chart: Make sure each child understands what they are responsible for cleaning. Make it fun by awarding points each time a task, or set of tasks are done and set up a store so you child can exchange their points for fun rewards you select together.
  • Storage space. You can store extra clothes, shoes, etc. in under-bed bags and tubs. This way you and your child's clothes are out of the way but they're easily accessed for occasional use.
  • Watch the bathroom. Keep a set of disinfectant wipes in every bathroom of the house. You can encourage your kids to clean the sink and faucet after they brush their teeth. If you do the same, you won't have to worry about picking up big messes all at once, as you're taking care of it little by little.
  • Keep an eye on the kitchen. Don't allow spills to dry up on countertops and encourage your kids to follow the same rule. Again, use those disinfectant wipes to clean up after spills so your kitchen counter stays a safe and clean surface. Also, rinse cooking pots once they have served their purpose, or choose to put them away in the dishwasher. Additionally, encourage your children to put away all used silverware and plates into the dishwasher, rather than stacking them up in the sink.
  • Use your time wisely. Whether you're on the phone with your friend or hanging around the house, pick up after yourself. You can clean out the refrigerator, clear out the medicine cabinet, clean out the "junk drawer" or any number of activities. This way you're using your time wisely and you don't have to waste valuable time you could be spending with your children on cleaning the house instead.

If you put all the SuperNanny de-cluttering techniques into use, you probably noticed a major difference in the cleanliness of your house. Also, if your children notice that you pickup as you go, they're likely to follow suit, which makes for one big, clean, happy family.