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Making Your Kids Listen the SuperNanny Way

Making kids listen to you is probably one of the toughest challenges when it comes to parenthood. Asking your child to do something over and over again can be highly frustrating and often ends in an argument. However, yelling is not the way to get your kids to follow suit, instead try a few SuperNanny tips and techniques.

SuperNanny Tips That Work

If you want your child to go from a non-listener to the perfect role model, lay down some ground rules and be consistent with routines and punishment.

Here are some SuperNanny tips that will get even the most stubborn child to listen up:

  • Don't nag: Start with one thing at a time. Telling your four year-old daughter to put away the toys, make her bed and stop teasing her brother all at once, isn't going to work. Start with the most important task (teasing) and then move on from there. A chore chart is a great way to let children know exactly what's expected of them.
  • Stand your ground. Don't give into your child's misbehavior just because you're tired of listening to whining and complaining. If you let something go once, expect the crying to be even worse the second time around.
  • Be positive. SuperNanny techniques utilize mostly positive reinforcement. Approval for good behavior should be immediate and directed towards a specific action. "Thank you for making your bed this morning."
  • Stay specific. Instead of saying "Go pick up your room" try saying, "Please put away those boxes." Next you can say, "Please put your shoes in the closet." This way you're taking things one step at a time, but also giving specific actions. Don't expect kids to know how you want their room to be picked up, unless you tell them.
  • Reward good behavior. Utilize reward charts, as they show approval for specific actions. Behavior or SuperNanny charts are also a good way to show immediate approval for specific behavior. Once your child has completed a "good" week then you give them a special prize. A great way to tie the rewards to the behavior is with points. On your SuperNanny chart, mark the number of points they get for the behavior you expect. Allow your child to exchange points for rewards they want.
  • Dive below the surface. Oftentimes there is a reason for kids bad behavior. Maybe your child is hungry or tired, or maybe they're just having a bad day. Whatever the reason is, be there to listen. If children display bad behavior several times throughout the day, it might be time for a serious talk.

Have Faith in SuperNanny Techniques, and in Yourself

Don't give up on children just because their listening skills aren't perfect. You want to stay persistent and motivated every day. Your child will never be a good listener if you aren't a good teacher. The Essential SuperNanny Tips: Remain calm and stay positive.