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Morning Routines for Kids

Many parents find getting readhing for school and out of the house with kids in the morning frustrating. Designing a simple morning routine may make mornings fun and pleasant for both parents and kids. Routines are easy to implement and can be fun when used in combination with charts.

Morning Routines Begin The Night Before

Morning routines should start the night before. To help your kids get ready on busy mornings, help them pick out their clothes the night before. Make it clear that there's no time for changing the selection once it's been laid out. You can also lay out a bowl and spoon for cereal the night before so that your child can serve himself. Make sure that book bags are loaded and that hats, mittens, coats, jackets, and shoes are where they belong so you're not running around searching for them at the last minute.

Managing Mornings with Kids

Part of what makes mornings so hectic is that moms and dads need to get ready too. But, kids can help out if you let them know what you expect. Make a poster or chart of what your child has to do to get ready. Include such things as getting dressed, eating breakfast, brushing teeth, etc. Draw pictures for younger children who can't read yet. Make sure that your chart is accompanied by a board where your child can check off each activity as she completes it. Great weeks, marked by lots of completed activities and smooth mornings, deserve a reward. Plan an activity or treat for your child to congratulate the family for a job well done.

The Importance of Routines for Children

Letting your morning fall prey to confusion and yelling doesn't do you or your kids any good. Kids can be ready to walk out the door when you are with little or no hassle if they know what to do. A great morning routine sets the tone for the day. Everyone leaves the house less stressed and confident that they are ready for the day. Kids thrive on routine. Routines also help children develop good time-management skills. So work with your kids to create an easy to follow routine and everyone will be happier!