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Privileges and Rewards for Young Children

Many young children feel entitled to do whatever it is they please, especially preschoolers and kindergarteners who are just discovering the wealth of activities that await them. This can lead to behavioral problems, but by using a system of privileges and rewards to enforce appropriate behavior parents can encourage their children to maintain a proper demeanor and reward them with activities that they enjoy.

Rewards for Kids - Something to Look Forward to

Privileges give children an activity to aspire to, something to strive toward, and as such should be deemed appropriate as rewards for great behavior. The privileges that you allow your children should differ based upon their interests and their age. Young kids are just developing a larger scope of interests, meaning that tailoring privileges to the activities your children enjoy will make these activities much more special.

  • Exciting activities. Preschoolers are often a highly active bunch, so privileges that incorporate their favorite activities are the perfect tools for enforcing good behavior. Playing in the park, watching a few extra minutes of TV, and having an extra play date with a friend are all great privileges for this age group.
  • New toys. Young children often have a wish list a mile long. Instead of simply purchasing new toys to appease them, make receiving a new toy a privilege that your children can enjoy if they are well-behaved. A new video game, movie, doll, or train set is the perfect reward for great behavior.
  • Tracking progress. When using privileges as an incentive for good behavior, keep your kids involved by tracking their progress on a behavior chart, star chart or sticker chart. This will keep them motivated and give them a sense of control over how they act.

Celebrating Success:

Privileges are most enjoyed when the whole family is involved, so make sure that your little one knows that Mom and Dad are rooting for them to succeed! Praise goes a long way and can help your children achieve their behavioral goals. Privileges are a great resource for parents trying to encourage good behavior and can provide a fun and exciting method of learning for the whole family!