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Is Co-Sleeping the Way to Go?

Around the world, many cultures engage in co-sleeping with their children, and millions of parents in America engage in co-sleeping, as well. Whether or not this is a practice you want to take part in is a decision that your family will have to make. There are advocates on both sides of the issue, which makes co-sleeping a very controversial topic.

The Case For and Against Co-Sleeping

Those who are in favor of co-sleeping find that it is a more natural way to bond with their child. Some may do it because it makes them feel closer to their children, while others appreciate how much easier it makes it to breastfeed. Whatever the reasons, there are those who believe that co-sleeping helps their child to feel safer and secure, and helps to create a better bond. Despite the many parents that choose co-sleeping, there is also a strong case against the practice, and it's one that is backed by research. Even the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that parents not engage in co-sleeping, because of the potential dangers it can bring about.

A small number of babies and younger children are tragically injured each year by bed sharing, and this prompts the medical community to warn against the practice. Co-sleeping, even in America, is a popular custom for many people. Whether or not it works will be determined by each individual family. You will first need to weigh the pros and cons, to see if it something you want to do. Also, keep in mind that, if you do decide on bed sharing, you will at some point need to transition your child to their own bed. Once they get bigger, it can get a little crowded and can impact the quality of sleep that everyone gets.