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The Importance of Sleep for Preschoolers

There's no doubt that sleep is important, but when you understand that sleep can affect your child's health, learning abilities, and behavior, and that consistent lack of sleep can result in permanent developmental and growth issues, you're more likely to take sleep seriously. Sometimes we're tempted to slack off on bedtime rules a bit.

Important Information about Sleep for Children:

  • Kids need sleep to help their bodies rest after a busy day.
  • Sleep helps the brain process the day's information
  • Kids that don't get enough sleepy may be tired and uncooperative the next day
  • Not enough sleep may affect growth.
  • Not enough sleep can affect learning.
  • Not enough sleep may cause problems with the immune system.
  • Too little sleep may lead to weight problems and obesity.
  • The body regenerates during sleep.
  • Growth hormones are secreted during sleep
  • Too little sleep may result in behavioral problems
  • Lack of sleep can affect memory
  • Sleep deprivation may lead to night terrors

So, keep your child healthy and happy by developing a regular bedtime routine and sticking to it!