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These parenting articles help you teach your teenager/tween how to deal with bullies, healthy eating, and peer pressure. Learn which parenting styles work best for behavior problems

Help for Parents of Teenagers

The experts provide effective parenting tips to make the tween and teenage years go more smoothly for the whole family. Cyber bullying and peer pressure can get serious in middle school and high school, but you’ll learn what signs to watch for and how to best prepare teens/tweens. Get feedback on parenting styles, like using positive discipline, to deal with sibling rivalry and other behavior problems. Our parenting tips and articles share how to best keep an eye on kids’ health, because parents often can’t be there to monitor what teenagers and tweens are eating.

Bullying, unfortunately, is nothing new. Most kids, at some point, are going to be the victim of a bully. As scary as bullying can be for teens, it’s also worrisome for you as a parent.

Most parents are shocked by a child that goes from sweet and compliant to a virtual monster filled with attitude and disrespect. Not too long ago, you couldn't wait for your child to learn to talk, and today, as a tween, you cringe at what is coming out of her mouth. Time to get it under control!

Kids are famous for having a lack of organization. Dealing with lost homework, crinkled papers, and forgotten permission slips can be frustrating. Some kids are natural organizers, but most kids have to be taught.

Today's tweens and teens have a wide selection of extra curricular activities from which to choose. From art clubs, to reading group,s to sport,s and beyond, there is something for everyone! The good news is that extra curricular activities can provide your child with a host of benefits. The bad news is that you have to keep extra curricular activities in check so that your child doesn't become overextended. However, mastering the extra curricular balancing act is actually easier than you may think!

Ever find a note around the house written by your child in a "language" that you can't decipher? While you may know what BFF stands for (best friends forever), if you have a limited secret code vocabulary and aren't up on the teen lingo of today, you may be at a loss. But don't worry, you are not alone. Most parents are in the same exact boat. For generations kids have been using a secret code to communicate with their peers.

Obesity, having too much body fat, is growing concern for parents and healthcare providers. The government has even taken notice. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that the rate of obesity in children has more than tripled over the last three decades

Think divorce is an emotional rollercoaster for adults? Compared to the emotions kids face, that rollercoaster might be better compared to a carrousel. The effects of divorce on children can be long-lasting and vary a great deal from child to child. While most of the more than one million children affected by divorce each year cope well, expert therapists say up to 25% will experience significant emotional or behavioral problems that can impair their relationships well into the future. So even if you and your spouse will soon be going separate ways, coming together as a team and keeping your child's best interests in mind is crucial.

Now that your child has entered middle school, you've probably noticed she has a tight knit group of friends. But, as much as we want our kids to have friends, beware of groups known as cliques. Cliques may foster feelings of peer pressure and insecurity in teens and tweens.

If you are having difficulty getting your child to do things like go to bed, do homework, or get ready for school, it is time to put an end to the fighting and the hassles! Believe it or not, while having established routines may seem boring and restrictive, kids actually thrive on well-constructed routines, and they are often the key to positive parenting!

Have you ever heard yourself saying, “Can’t everyone just get along?” or found yourself constantly refereeing your kids' fights and ending up feeling like you're losing your mind? If you answered yes, you are normal! Sibling rivalry comes with the territory of having a family. The difficult part is learning how to manage kids when rivalries break out into battle.

Most experts agree that today's teens and tweens aren't getting enough sleep. Research shows that lack of sleep can impair everything from personal relationships to how well kids do in school. No matter what age your child is, it is imperative that she get enough sleep each night.

Rabbits make great pets for kids. Kids really enjoy helping take care of rabbits, but before you get a rabbit, explain to your kids that pet care takes time and energy. The rabbit is not a new toy to play with for a few weeks and then forget. It is a long term commitment. Explain the basics of rabbit care and, once you've done so, if your child still wants a bunny, you can make the decision about bringing a new pet home. Before you purchase a new pet rabbit, you may want to set up a pet rabbit care chart to delegate rabbit-care responsibilities. For older kids, you may want to enter into a fun, but serious pet care agreement detailing what they are getting into.