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Parenting Articles – for Parents of Teenagers and Tweens

These parenting articles help you teach your teenager/tween how to deal with bullies, healthy eating, and peer pressure. Learn which parenting styles work best for behavior problems

Help for Parents of Teenagers

The experts provide effective parenting tips to make the tween and teenage years go more smoothly for the whole family. Cyber bullying and peer pressure can get serious in middle school and high school, but you’ll learn what signs to watch for and how to best prepare teens/tweens. Get feedback on parenting styles, like using positive discipline, to deal with sibling rivalry and other behavior problems. Our parenting tips and articles share how to best keep an eye on kids’ health, because parents often can’t be there to monitor what teenagers and tweens are eating.

Tween and teenage bullying is a growing problem for kids. Get tips on dealing with bullies, cyber bullying, and having a bullying child in these parenting articles.

Tweens and teenagers with behavior problems need help fast. Get help for behaviors like shyness, tween/teenage attitude, and more in our parenting articles and tips.

Ideas for better student behavior from the experts, make raising teens and tweens easier. Learn tips on homework and more in our student behavior parenting articles

Parents want extracurricular activities for teenagers and tweens that are both fun and appropriate. These parenting articles give tips on activities, sports, and more.

Learn what Internet safety lessons to teach your teen or tween. Get information on appropriate TV shows, what works to stop sexting, video game addiction, and more.

Having a healthy teenager who stays safe takes planning. Our parenting articles on tweens/teens share tips for tween hygiene, teen safety, healthy snacking, and more.

Expert advice on parenting styles for parents of teens and tweens. Learn how to utilize modeling behavior, raising an only child, how kids cope with divorce, and more.

Learn about peer pressure statistics so you know what teens and tweens are dealing with. Then get the peer pressure facts to help you and your child overcome this issue.

Learn why positive discipline techniques, a form of positive parenting, work well for children in middle school and high school. Get tips on behavior and reward systems.

These parenting articles’ sibling rivalry solutions can start working today. Learn behavior warning signs, and how to prevent sibling rivalry in teenagers and tweens.

Kids’ bedtimes can vary in middle and high school. Learn the necessary sleep for children as tweens/teens, how to survive sleepovers, and how to enforce kids’ bedtimes.

We know spending time with family is important, but parents are busy! These parenting articles help you make the most of travel with teenagers, family time, and more.