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Internet Safety and Tech Tips for Parents of Teens and Tweens

Learn what Internet safety lessons to teach your teen or tween. Get information on appropriate TV shows, what works to stop sexting, video game addiction, and more.

Keeping Teens Safe Online

Making young adults stop sexting is a troubling project, especially for parents just finding out the inappropriate things that teens and tweens do with their cell phones. Our parenting articles help you keep kids safe, while allowing them to practice making their own decisions. Get tips on what are appropriate TV shows and TV time for teens and tweens. Aside from "sexting" and "cybering", learn other aspects of Internet safety to keep kids safe online. Our articles also share the signs of video game addiction in children, and how to prevent video game addiction from getting out of hand.

Ever find a note around the house written by your child in a "language" that you can't decipher? While you may know what BFF stands for (best friends forever), if you have a limited secret code vocabulary and aren't up on the teen lingo of today, you may be at a loss. But don't worry, you are not alone. Most parents are in the same exact boat. For generations kids have been using a secret code to communicate with their peers.

More and more television programming is aimed at teen and tween viewers. To combat the desire of your tween to "veg out" on the sofa, you'll need to create a balance between television and other activities. It's important to set rules and expectations for your kids when it comes to television viewing. Doing so will help prevent a number of issues. Arm yourself with these interesting facts about tweens and TV.

The internet is a great way to connect with others, get immediate access to a wealth of information, and get the latest and greatest in family entertainment. Unfortunately, the internet also houses dangers such as explicit material, online predators, and other hazards. But, with a little education and vigilance, parents can make sure that their kids are safe online.

Cell phones are here to stay. With the ever increasing convenience and quickly decreasing costs, more and more parents are giving their teenagers cell phones. But, convenience aside, cell phones should be a privilege that is earned by your tween or teen and not an absolute right. Care must be taken when providing teens with a cellphone. Take some time to establish some guidelines for how and when your teen can use her phone.

Kids typically watch quite a bit of TV. Some studies indicate that children may watch TV an average of 4 hours a day. As a result, by the time she graduates high school, your child will have spent more time watching TV than in a classroom.

The popularity of cell phones has led kids of all ages to pester their parents to give them a cell phone. But, kids and cell phones aren't always a good mix.

There’s no doubt that people are spending more and more time online, and teenagers are no exception. Social networking sites, chat rooms, and video conferencing are common tools that kids use. With so much time spent on the Internet, it's important to make sure your kids are safe. Here are some internet safety tips for parents that will keep your teen’s online experience a positive one:

Teens love video games. Your teen is probably going to play them regardless of whether or not you allow them in your house. As a parent, it’s important to make sure that your teen understands the advantages and disadvantages of gaming. Set up rules to make sure that video games don't become addictive and set limits on where and when your teen can play.

Cell phones and other mobile technology provide convenient ways for parents and kids to stay in touch. However, with technology, comes responsibility.