Parenting Articles – for Parents of Teenagers and Tweens

Parenting Teenagers

These parenting articles help you teach your teenager/tween how to deal with bullies, healthy eating, and peer pressure. Learn which parenting styles work best for behavior problems.

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    Chores and Responsibilities 

    By the time a child is a young teen or tween, they are usually ready to take on a variety of chores and responsibilities. Read more »

  • Girl disrupting class by bother boy

    Classroom Behavior: Avoiding Detention 

    Maintaining appropriate classroom behavior may be a challenge. Acting out in class may be a sign that your child needs guidance. Read more »

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    Your middle schooler may have a close group of friends, but cliques have also entered the picture and may cause feelings of peer pressure. Read more »

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    Cooking Safety 

    The young teen age is the perfect time to start teaching kids how to cook. It is a skill that can last a lifetime with many benefits gained along the way. Read more »

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    Corporal Punishment 

    How much do you know about the use of corporal punishment? If you are like many parents, you don't even know if corporal punishment is allowed in your state. Read more »

  • Girl cries on bed because of hate text

    Cyberbullying Statistics and Kids 

    Any abusive message sent through interactive technology from one child to another is considered cyberbullying. Learn what you need to know about cyberbullying. Read more »

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    Deciphering Internet Secret Codes! 

    While you may know what BFF stands for (best friends forever), there's a good chance that you have a basic secret code vocabulary & aren't up on the teen lingo. Read more »

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    Determining Appropriate TV Time 

    Arm yourself with these interesting facts about kids and TV to help you determing the appropriate amount of TV time in your home. Read more »

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    Disrespectful with Attitude? 

    One of the things that seem to irk parents most is the attitude and disrespect that they get from their child. It's time to get it under control! Read more »

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    Dyslexia and Children 

    Dyslexia is the most common learning disability among children, and it's hard to separate fact from myth. Actually, dyslexia is usually an inherited condition. Read more »

Help for Parents of Teenagers

The experts provide effective parenting tips to make the tween and teenage years go more smoothly for the whole family. Cyber bullying and peer pressure can get serious in middle school and high school, but you’ll learn what signs to watch for and how to best prepare teens/tweens. Get feedback on parenting styles, like using positive discipline, to deal with sibling rivalry and other behavior problems. Our parenting tips and articles share how to best keep an eye on kids’ health, because parents often can’t be there to monitor what teenagers and tweens are eating.