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Is Your Child Ready to Start Working?

Whether or not your child is ready to start working largely depends on your child. You know him better than anyone else, so you know what he can handle and if he is mature enough to take on the responsibilities of a job. If he is ready, he may be able to learn some great skills, as well as earn some extra cash.

Parenting Tips to Get Your Child Working

  • Be sure that whatever type of work your child does, it is age appropriate and within the law. If he wants to get a job at a local restaurant bussing tables, for example, make sure he are old enough to legally do so.
  • Discourage long work hours. At this age, he should only be introduced to working, and not allowed to let it interfere with their school work or enjoying summer break.
  • Discuss the rules and responsibilities that come along with working. Expect your child to make a few mistakes along the way, and give support and guidance through the process.
  • Help your child learn how to manage the money that he earns. Teach him to save a portion, spend only within his means, and make purchases that have meaning, rather than blowing all his money.
  • Give him some work to do around the house as a first step if he is too young to work for someone else. Set him up on a chore chart system, encouraging him to earn money for things they do around the home.

Some ideal jobs for tweens include washing cars, walking dogs, helping with yard work or gardening, delivering newspapers, tutoring younger children, washing windows, and babysitting. Your child can also be creative in finding services they can provide or things they can make and sell. You may be surprised at what ideas he comes up with. Be proud that you have a child who wants to take on responsibility. Just help him keep it from being too much too soon, and all will work out great!