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Positive Discipline

Most parents know what discipline is and have probably used it many times. But what many parents are not always familiar with is the idea of using positive discipline.

When you use positive discipline, you accomplish a lot more good than a negative punishment ever can! Positive discipline is a great way to correct poor behavior while being supportive at the same time.

Positive Discipline is More than Being Nice

Positive discipline focuses more on being nice in your approach to addressing behavior. In doing so, you will end up teaching your child respect. Positive discipline is more about nurturing and supporting, instead of just focusing on what your child has done wrong. With positive discipline, you will end up keeping the lines of communication open as well as build trust and honesty.

Here are some parenting tips on using positive discipline:

  • Opt for using tools like behavior charts and behavior reflection sheets. These are non-combative ways of helping your child learn right from wrong and stay on the right track.
  • Ask your child questions and get him involved in helping fix whatever it is that he did wrong. For example, if he spilled something and made a mess, encourage him to help clean it up.
  • Use chore charts. When you use things like chore charts to get your child to do things, discipline and reward are nicely tied together. He will either earn the reward or he will not. You don't have to find additional ways to discipline him.
  • Ignore the smaller undesirable behaviors. Not everything is worth having a battle.
  • Be sure to model desired behavior. Kids are watching and will end up repeating your behaviors.
  • Take the time to discuss behaviors, including right from wrong, rather than just focusing on discipline.

Parents often lament the fact that they don't get enough respect from their teen or tween. But those parents who focus on using positive discipline techniques help to establish mutual respect. So, while you are teaching right from wrong, you can also successfully teach your child to have respect for others even when he does something you don't like!