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Sibling Rivalry Solutions - for Teens and Tweens

These parenting articles’ sibling rivalry solutions can start working today. Learn behavior warning signs, and how to prevent sibling rivalry in teenagers and tweens.

Ending Sibling Rivalry

Get help dealing with sibling rivalry in your family through the expert advice in our parenting tips. Through detailed descriptions and itemized plans of action, you’ll learn sibling rivalry solutions that you can start using now. You’ll find ideas on how to reduce stress between siblings (including step children), so the behavior is less likely to escalate, and how to make sure each of the brothers and/or sisters know they’re important to the family. In addition, you’ll find out the best way to tell kids, “Make room for Baby!” if they’re getting a new baby brother or new sister.

Have you ever heard yourself saying, “Can’t everyone just get along?” or found yourself constantly refereeing your kids' fights and ending up feeling like you're losing your mind? If you answered yes, you are normal! Sibling rivalry comes with the territory of having a family. The difficult part is learning how to manage kids when rivalries break out into battle.

Millions of families merge together each year, creating a blended family. Parenting step kids can be challenging for the best of parents. The good news is that there are things you can do in order to help address the situation for you and your kids.

Many adults believe that having siblings was one of the best parts of growing up. But, for kids, a brother or a sister can be a source of jealousy and there can be sibling rivalry issues that parents have to deal with. If your child is a young teen or tween, and the family is expecting a new baby, sibling rivalry may pose some challenges that the family will need to be aware of and address.